Yazar Cenk R. GİRGİNOL
Yayınevi A7 KİTAP
Sayfa Sayısı 215
Boyut 16X23
Yıl 2019
Tür Gastronomi


₺85.00 Normal Fiyat
₺76.50İndirimli Fiyat
  • Coffee is a beverage which spews forth new knowledge as it continues to be developed centuries past its discovery.

    Coffee has become so entwined with our traditions as it adds a cornucopia of vernacular to our Turkish language.

    Coffee is an unknown, bound to passion, as it reveals a myriad of flavors with each brew.

    So without further ado, don't forget your coup of coffee as you embark on a magical mystery trip that will whisk you from the earth to the cup.

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